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It was a lot to think about but Hiro had little else to do on that bus rolling down the Texas highway; had it really been six months previous, and now, six months forward? Two of him -- briefly existing in the same time frame, one making the same mistake?
But none of that time with Charlie was a mistake; no, not any of it.
Moodiness did not suit Nakamura Hiro; no, he knew his archetype; he was the Peter Parker, the Young Hero! He knows how it's supposed to go - he'd read enough comics, and part of him thought that maybe, just maybe...
Maybe he'd met his Mary Jane.
She even had red hair.
But no. Looks like it was more 'woman in the fridge' jokes, instead. Green Lantern, here he came. No fun, he decided. This was rapidly becoming scary; gangsters ripped apart, a girl he couldn't save--death could not be turned away. Not by Hiro's powers. No; the course of time could not be entirely derailed. What done was done.
Didn't Peter Parker's heaven have a revolving door for heroes and the people they loved?
The bus went on -- and Hiro grieved for the past, and wondered about the future.
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