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1: The tension with Adam -- might be. Yeah. That. Hiro? Not real down with that, but-- there is some niggling emotion beyond just pals and-- you know, it's just not worth exploring. Between the betrayal and the death, it's killed the potential. But some part of him knows it was there, and doesn't want to admit it.

2: On the other hand, he's never felt anything but deep and abiding friendship for Ando. ... but is totally not okay with him dating his sister. He's just not.

3: On the other OTHER hand, if someone came to him and said if he gave his life or his powers or whatever was asked, and Charlie would be alive, he would give it. No questions asked.... even 3nowing that in the end, she chose her death -- quick and violent, instead of waiting for the lingering brain issue to finally snuff her.

4: Sometimes, he has to admit it: His father might have been a bad man sometimes. The result did not justify the cost. This makes him question too much, too far back...

5: He reads shoujo manga more then he reads shounen. Oh, he loves boy adventure series, but he's a big wibbly romantic at heart and loves things like Fushigi Yuugi and more. But it's SO GIRLY-- but he cannot confess it.

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