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Hiro is making promises he cannot keep. He tells them he doesn't want to hurt anybody (Someday he will.) and he is trying to save the world (Stopping the moment that creates this one.) he is not the man they're looking for! (Someday he be.)

Arrested, hauled away, kept in the company of the Haitian while they rough him up, demand answers, plans, where are his friends? (Where is Ando?) He cannot give them any satisfactory answers. It only makes them more angry. Everyone here has lost someone when New York burned, and people like him (Special people.) are to blame. It is all his fault. (He didn't stop it, did he?)

He is bruised, repeatedly tazed to keep him submissive, and is left, disheveled and scared with a man that he cannot feel there -- as if he is somehow not there to his keener sense of space. It as if there is a walking gap, a human optical illusion, battering against his awareness of time and space.

The Haitain seems to realize this and stays close. It proves fatal when Dr. Suresh turns on him.

Hiro asks no more questions; not of Ando and his other-self when he arrives, not of Suresh who proves to know what it means to be a hero -- to do what is right when it is hardest. He wants to commit that to memory, but it is his next sight that will forever be burned into his eyes.

All he can say is, "I'm dead," when Parkman shoots his alter-self. When Hiro Nakamura watches Hiro Nakamura's heart stops, he cannot move. He is ashen to the lips. He is almost a corpse himself.

It is Ando that draws him back. Faithful Ando, good friend, boon companion -- without him, this all would have been for not. So, with Ando in tow, he reappears in New York. He looks at at his dead-self's legacy, the panel of Mr. Isaac's stark inks showing what must be the death of Sylar...

"Now the hard part..."

He has no idea.
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